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RTD100 or thermocouple Industrial Temperature Sensors for Hazardous Area
• material stainless-steel 316L
• sensitive element standard RTD100 Class A 100 Ω at 0 ° C according to NF EN 60751/A2
• Industrial probe with head connection
• temperature sensor eyelet
• thermowell drilled through or mechanically welded
• simple 4-20 mA, 2-wire transmitter XT42SI or Hart ® compatible XT43SIH
Temperature sensors, whatever their sensitive element - RTD 100, RTD 1000 or thermocouples, can be proposed according to various mechanical configurations in order to correspond exactly to the need for measurement. Our transmitter of intrinsic safety can be integrated at the top of cane or installed in the vicinity (see produced XT43SI).
Probes RTD100 or RTD1000 exist with:

• 2 wires monting
Simple and economical, it is inappropriate for applications that require precision. However, it's common in the case of using RTD1000 and short lengths (few meters).

• 3 wires mounting
It allows to ignore the parasitic resistance of wires, which allows measurements over longer lengths. Ap3 probes are supplied with 3wires + screen.

• 4 wires mounting
Required for very precise measurements (at 0.01°C for example).

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