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4-20 mA Transmitter for hazardous areas
• Usable in hazardous areas, Gas or Dust : G or D according ATEX/94/9/CE
• 4-20 mA, 2-wire transmitter
• Inputs : RTD100 to RTD1000, Ni100 to 1000, resistor 0 to 4,000 Ω
• Potentiometer input
• Special linearization for level application
• Hart ® compatible
• Adjustable on large ranges
• Miniaturised and low cost due to SMT

XT43SIH… transmitters for hazardous areas are based on modern Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) which allows cost and place reduction while producing an increase in performance: large range of calibration
adjustments and linearization of sensors, RTD. XT43SIH transmitters convert signals like temperature, level, potentiometer or resistor into a 4-20mA, 2-wire loop-powered output signal.
XT43SIH transmitters according to HART ® communication protocol are programmable by a PC equipped with our HCOM modem or by mean of a Hand Held Communicator (HHC, see page 3). These transmitters offer all the advantages given by digital communication: adjustment by program without any restriction, supervision of errors, remote follow-up of the transmitter, predictive maintenance, follow-up of all your park of instruments, possibility to reverse 4 and 20mA process values, optional specific linearization on 45 segments.
XT43SIH exist in several housings: standard version in a resin-module for sensor head terminal and IP65 housing. All electrical connections are done by screw terminals.

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