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SIGAL30 1 channel

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Loop-powered galvanic isolations
• for use in ATEX explosive areas Gas or Dust [EEx ia] I/IIC
• I.S. 4-20mA input or I.S. 4-20 mA output
• 4-20 mA loop-powered
• Low voltage drop
• 29 mm width rail mounting (NFC 63015 EN 50022)

Loop-powered intrinsically safe SIGAL30 galvanic isolations enable the transfer of a 4-20mA current loop either from the safe area to the hazardous area (NS type) either from the hazardous area (SN type). The choice can be done between different models to optimise the current loop both on I.S. parameters and metrology parameters. SIGAL30 galvanic isolations are “associated apparatuses” and they must be installed in safe area.
SIGAL30 galvanic isolations are proposed in a 35mm DIN rail housing compact enclosures. Connections are done by pull-out screw terminals. Test points on the front panel enable to control the current value without opening the loop.
SIGAL30 galvanic isolations are used to send in hazardous area a signal on a measurement and control loop:
you can transfer a measurement signal on a display or control a valve actuator or an I/P converter or send a 4-20 mA on a recorder mounted in explosive area. SIGAL30 galvanic isolations can be delivered in simple or dual-channel in the same DIN rail housing.

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