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Temperature or potentiometer converter ...
• Pt100 or potentiometer input 
• Active or passive 4-20mA recopy
• digital signal transfer - Hart® compatible
• All removable screw terminals
• Pull-out power distribution by flat cable

PROF30-APT/ANIV...-ISH converters enable the connection in input of a temperature sensor RTD-Pt100 (APT model) or potentiometer (ANIV model) and provide an active or passive 4-20mA HART® compatible galvanically isolated output. 
PROFS30-APT/ANIV...-ISH are programmable via the digital signal transfer HART. Jacks on front panel can be used either for the 4-20mA recopy test or for the connection of a HHC programming unit in order to configure or to use the digital signal HART.
PROF30-APT/ANIV...-ISH housing is an independant symmetric DIN rail mount unit. 
Connections are done by mean of pullout screw terminals. Power supply can be AC (from 48VAC to 240VAC) or DC (from 20VDC to 48VDC). Power distribution by plug-in flat cable saves space and time during wiring.

Digital Interface for HART® protocol apparatus
• replaces a programming (HHC)
• galvanically isolated communication
• uses a USB connection between the PC and HCOM

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