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Our services on request

Calibration report
We can calibrate your apparatus. If the request is part of the initial order, no additional fee will apply. A calibration measurement with calibration report is a extra-charged service.
Intrinsically safe electrical system report
Our range of ATEX products generally offer the « intrinsic safety » protection mode, really adapted to the process control applications. But as for any loop made up of at least two intrinsic safety equipments (called intrinsically safe system) it is necessary to verify its conformity with the standards; we (A puissance 3) can establish a intrinsically safe electrical system report, attesting the safety of your installation.
If at least one of the components of our system has been manufactured by us, we can IS electrical the system report of your installation.
 Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Electronic components are basicaly, reliable, but their environment, handling or simply statistical chance can be the root of failure. We ensure the maintenance of our products (free within the waranty), generally for the modest fee. The devices are 5 years guaranteed, except wear parts (MATIS clamps, cables, batteries ...) and other damage due to improper use. In any event, after the warranty period an estimate is sent to you which you can accept or not.
Processing end of life WEEE Directive 2012/19/EC - French application decree 2014-928
The seller ensures on French area to organize collection and treatment for waste electric and electronic equipment, objects from the sale delivered in France and reached the end of life, in accordance with the provisions of the Directive and its implementing decree on waste EEE and used EEE applicable on the date of the sale.
This removal is carried out from a gathering point at the site of the Client accessible by the Seller with a suitable vehicle, from the minimum removal threshold set at 500kg or 2.5m3. In the event that this removal threshold is not reached, the Customer will return at its expense EEE waste to the seller by a means at his convenience.
This provision only applies for equipment in the scope at the time of sale in accordance with the decree 2014-928. For other products, in accordance with Article L541-2 of the Code of the environment, it is the holder of the waste to ensure or make ensure removal. If the Customer does not wish to use the solutions proposed by the Seller at the end of life of the equipment, it must still pass the Seller and ADEME information on the treatment of waste from equipment objects of sales.
If the purpose of the sale is either subsets of EEE for Client producer of EEE or EEE produced on behalf and under the Customer's label, in accordance with Article 2 of the decree, the organization and funding of the removal and treatment are transferred to the Customer that accepts them.
Successive professional sellers will transmit this information to the successive buyers.

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