NAEV30-DI2.DO1 - Apuissance3-EN

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Digital IS input/output signals Complete valve function (1 output+2 inputs)
• 1 channel as intrinsic safety digital output ON/OFF valves, lights, loads
• 2 intrinsic safety digital inputs: NAMUR detector, contact,...
• optional hysteresis function
• 29 mm width rail mounting (NFC 63015 EN 50022)
• all connections by removable screw terminals
• ready made wiring system (see option leaflet)
Models NAEV30 DI2DO1 are particularly suitable for processing on / off intrinsically safe valve. They allow 2 or 4 contact or NAMUR inputs or limit swithes from the hazardous area and a logic output to activate the pilot valve. Models of low or high output power can cover all of intrinsically safe solenoid valves market. Configuration NAMUR all models are equipped with a fault detection: line break or short circuit. Other models in the series NAEV30 allow treatment of digital outputs (1, 2 or 4 channels) or digital inputs (2 or 4 inputs).

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