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Logical processing modules for On/Off inputs - IS Inputs
• 2 or 4 intrinsic safety digital inputs: NAMUR detector, contact,...
• 29 mm width rail mounting (NFC 63015 EN 50022)
• all connections by removable screw terminals
• ready made wiring system
NAEV30 DI: are intrinsic safety modules which allow 2-channels or 4-channels dry contact inputs or NAMUR inputs coming from the danger zone and give relay or open collector feedback.
The digital inputs can be inductive sensors, limit switches, valve blades vibrating NAMUR output, push buttons, manual actions by operators in hazardous areas.
Each channel can be independently configured for input type contact or Namur, and logic: output energized in the presence or absence of target (proximity), closing or opening (contact).
Configuration NAMUR all models are equipped with a fault detection: line break or short circuit. Other models in the series NAEV30 allow treatment of digital outputs (1, 2 or 4 channels) or function "valve" (1 out + 2 inputs).

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