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NAEV30-DI Special Functions

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Logical processing modules for On/Off inputs - IS Inputs
• 2 intrinsic safety digital inputs: NAMUR detector, contact,...
• function hysteresis : 2 inputs for a single output on safe side
• function “control of line fault”
• function “dual recopy output”: 1 active +1 passive
• function “frequency input with NAMUR output”
• 29 mm width rail mounting (NFC 63015 EN 50022)
• all connections by removable screw terminals
• ready made wiring system
Function “Hysteresis”
This feature is available on dual digital I.S. inputs barriers NAEV30-DI2H… which give a recopy output on safe side as a function of the 2 associated inputs: as a contact or an open
Cut-off power : 230 VAC – 0.5 A –115 VA
Collector cut-off power:15V – 60 mV – 0.9 VA –350 Hz
When the hysteresis function is active, the cycle as seen by thebarrier is the following: the valve is considered open as long as it is not really closed and it remains closed as long as it is not really open. The logic of the recopy can be configured in oneway or the opposite.
This feature is useful to control the 2 position feedbacks of the same valve: the barrier gives the position of the valve with only 1 signal. This can save space, complexity and money on a DCS or a PLC while taking really into account the 2 informations of the valve.

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