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• Suitable for any container type : barrel, tank, FIBC …
• For potentially explosive areas gas (G) or dust (D)
• Easy to use
• Light indicator when correct grounding
• ATEX protection on the jaws clamp
• Movable and stand alone, convenient to fit out multiple stations
• Very convenient of use

A version with automation logic output exists, see MATIS21GD-SDE4-NOMADAUTO.
Control of electrostatic charges in explosive areas is a recursive topic during risk analysis. Filling or discharging of trucks is often considered but for small containers, as input or output material containers or transfer container has also to be considered.
MATIS-SDE-NOMAD is a secure grounding clamp which allows, in explosive atmospheres, to insure a correct ground connection of the containers avoiding electrostatic charges during filling and discharging operations. The ATEX design of the MATIS-SDE grounding clamp permits to control a potential spark when grounding the containers. Once the ground connection realized, indicator lights are flashing on the clamp and on the wall enclosure, and let the operator confident with a correct ground connection during the transfer phase.
The clamp is fitted with even a 4m or 7.5m spiral cable wired to the movable enclosure which plugs on a wall support. To optimize the use of the equipment, several wall supports can be installed on the field, able to receive for plugging in a movable wall enclosure only when the filling or discharging process needs it.
This equipment, in accordance with 94/9/EC directive, can be used even in gas area (G) or dust area (D), zone 0 and/or 20.

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