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Grounding system for any container type in hazardous area
• Suitable for any container type : barrel, tank, FIBC …
• 1 or 2 channels simultaneously
• For potentially explosive areas gas (G) or dust (D)
• Very convenient of use
• LED ground continuity
• ATEX protection at clamp
• Digital output for process control

Control of electrostatic charges in explosive areas is a recursive topic during risk analysis. Filling or discharging of trucks is often considered but for small containers, as input or output material containers or transfer container has also to be considered.
The earthing clamp MATIS21GD-SDE4-ALIB allows in hazardous areas, ensure that containers are properly connected to the earth and will not create, during the product transfer, a risk from electrostatic charges.
The equipment monitors the continuity of the wall containing conductive base which must be grounded. The MATIS21GD sde4-clip by its ATEX design helps control a spark possibly produced during the grounding. Once the ground established, indicator lights on the housing and on the clamp blink and allow the operator to ensure the earth connection during the transfer phase.
A logic output, relayed by NAEV30-NOMAD interface allows the transmission and exploitation of the status of ground and carried servo automatic.
The removable clamp is connected by a coiled cable 1m / 4m or 2m / 7.5m.
The clamp may be replaced by a magnetic handle to facilitate updates to the rapid and frequent earth.
The equipment complies with UE ATEX Directive, enables use of gas zone clamp (G) and / or dust (D), Zone 0 and / or 20.
MATIS21GD-SDE4-ALIB Equipment :
• is very flexible since it takes into account all types of metal containers or big bag (FIBC - FIBC)
• is easy to use which facilitates the acceptance of new safety procedures by operators,
• brings all the dependability in often neglected areas,
• allows the enslavement of a control system using the logic outputs grounded status,
• for non permanent connections to land allows a charging area in the module,
• ensures the bonding between two containers

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Data Sheet
EC Type Examination
EU Declaration of Conformity
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