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Intrinsically Safe LED Column
• usable in hazardous area G and or D
• bicolor light column
• fixed or flashing control
The LEDSI-…-… lights or the LEDSI-BIC-… lighting columns have been developed to be installed in hazardous area and are used as light annunciators. Their exceptional luminosity makes them visible even in the worst conditions. The dual colour LEDSI-BIC-… dual-colour columns will be very useful as default annunciators, alarms or authorisation indicators and also as an acknowledgement of a process program step. They are available in yellow, red, green, white or blue colour. The lights will be powered by an intrinsically safe source at
a maximal voltage of 28 VDC.
The LEDSI-BIC-… columns need 2 independent I.S.(*) supplies (one per colour channel). Each channel can be controlled separately, with fixed or blinking feature.֢[

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Data Sheet
EC Type Examination
EU Declaration of conformity

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