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Loop-powered digital indicator with temperature input (RTD-Pt100 and so on) or potentiometer
With 4-20mA output HART ®
• For use in ATEX hazardous areas G or D
• Temperature input RTD100 to RTD1000, Ni100 to 1000
• Potentiometer or resistor input
• Output 4-20 mA
• LCD 4 ½ digits display (+/- 20,000 counts)
• IP54 housing
• Programmable by keypads on front panel
• 2 alarm switches with hysteresis and delay
• Minimal, maximal values, modulo, signal filter
INDEX2-HWT loop-powered programmable indicators must be installed in hazardous areas according ATEX 94/9/EC, Directive for G (gas) or D (dust) applications. They are designed to display a temperature input signal Pt100 to Pt1000 or Ni100 to Ni1000, or a resistor input or a potentiometer input and give a fully programmable 4-20 mA output. The front panel keyboard gives an instant access to many interesting functions such as: the direct display in engineering units without any restriction, the quick control of it in % or mA, the quick display of the minimal and maximal values, the direct access to alarms, the choice of the digital filter. This instant and easy program does not require any specific manual of instructions.
The program offers as well the configuration of 2 independent alarms: set point values, hysteresis, delay and statuses of the alarm outputs (NO/NC). Alarms outputs are given as a NAMUR proximity detector according DIN19234 and are fully PLC compatible.
Screw terminals have been designed to provide as well shields connections and continuity.
INDEX2-HWT loop-powered programmable indicators are proposed in several housings: panel-mount 48x96mm IP53 housing, polyester carbon-charged for hard environment IP65 housing. All indicators have one 18mm high 4½-digit LCD display with a back lighting feature.

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