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Digital Interface for HART® protocol apparatus
• replaces a programming device (HHC)
• galvanically isolated communication
• uses a USB connection between the PC and HCOM

HCOM, connected to PC on which one will carry out the software of configuration “32H” 
the reference “interfaces + software”: HCOM-32H
Tool “HCOM-32H” makes it possible to configure: 
• The calibration and configuration of the transmitter 
• Configuration of the type of entry: Pt100, 200.500 or 1000, Ni100 at 1000, resistance 0 to 4000 Ohms, differential of RTD probe or resistance. 
• The type of connection of the sensor (2 wires, 3 wires or differential). 
• The damping ratio the management of the defects.
• Consultation of the state of the connected transmitter.
• The test of loop 4-20mA.
• Programming of the identifiers and reference tags.
• Programming and the loading of the linearization for the LIN models.
• The recording of an unlimited number of configurations. Some DD files are available on request.

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Instruction Manual
EU Declaration of Conformity
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