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Unwinder MP3...EX / MP4...EX

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Extension cable drum for MATIS-SDE or 2 channels IS ...
• is appropriate for all the types of MATIS - SDE ...
• stainless steel clamp or magnetic base
• 1 or 4 channels
• easy to use
• PUR cable technology (high resistance to hydrocarbons)
• overall length of 15 m
The unwinder, MP… EX, are equipped with a blocking cable device to the desired length, meter in meter approximately, it is enough to draw the cable until hearing the latch, at this moment, if the tension on the cable is slackened, the cable will remain blocked with the desired length.
For the recall of the cable it is then enough to exert a new traction on the cable until not hearing the pawl more, at this time, if the tension on the cable is slackened the return spring of the unwinder will act to bring back the cable towards its position of maximum rolling up.

Model MP3EX-E-I-4T1SI is planned for the connection of an intrinsic safety circuit and is particularly adapted for the connection of the earthing system MATIS-SDE4-NOMAD.

Model MP3EX-E-I-4T2SI is planned for the connection of 2 different intrinsic safety circuits.
Connection recommended is then: intrinsic safety loop n°1, wires 1 and 2 - intrinsic safety loop n°2, wires 3 and 4.

For a safe use
The unwinder will have to be connected to the ground by the screw located and envisaged for this purpose with a section of 4mm2. 

MP…EX ou RM…-EX /50m  products can be installed in ATEX explosive area. They can be only used on intrinsically safe circuits with following limits
• U max : 45V @ Imax 45,3mA
• Imax 309mA @ Umax 20V

Cable parameters regardless under the 50m cable maximum length:
• Ci = 10nF
• Li = 60µH

Temperature classification T6 Tamb -20 to + 60 ° C

ATTENTION! Important precaution! To prevent damage to the device when the cable rewind, it is imperative to support the cable until the system shutdown in abutment on the cable outlet of the unwinder.

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